Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, and it is not surprising. For a relatively small island there is much to see and do! Phang Nga Bay is comprised of sheer limestone cliffs that push out into the emerald green water of the bay. A picture postcard if ever there was. The area is also home to tremendous fauna, which can be best seen if you opt for a guided tour.

If you enjoy water activities then a kayaking tour in Phang Nga Bay is a must. You can explore the limestone caves which are only accessible via kayak. The Hong by Starlight night tour is another unique opportunity in Phuket. No torches are allowed – only natural light. An adventure tour you are sure to want to do again. Another great experience after dark is a stroll along the Bangla Road in Patong . The only way to describe this area is exotic. A cultural sight to see for sure! Another popular attraction is to watch a match of traditional Thai Boxing, called Muay Thai. If this is of interest then you can be entertained either in Phuket City’s Saphan Hin Stadium or often on the Patong Beach.

No trip to Phuket should end without visiting its famous temples. Wat Chalong for instance is Phuket’s most important and beautifully decorated temple with hundreds of very small, colored glass pieces. Wat Chalong temple is very well known for being a Buddhist spiritual centre, and the Grand Pagoda which dominates the temple is said to be home of a bone of the Buddha.

Another great attraction is the east side of Phuket where you and can enjoy a stroll atop of an elephant over the Chalong hills. You also get the chance to see how young elephants are trained and raised in Phuket.

For the more adventurous, try out a fun ride on an ATV, and explore nature trails, rubber plantations and ride along natural pathways through forests. The local forest workers will even teach you about the unspoilt environment.

There are also a range of grand events and festivals on offer throughout the year in Phuket. Whatever the event, – religious or otherwise, the focus is on fun; even bizarre. For example, the Vegetarian Festival attracts thousands from all over the world with its colourful, noisy and occasionally gruesome antics. This particular festival takes place between the 27th September and the 5th October.

Eating out in Phuket town is both cheap and of very high quality. Seafood is very popular in Phuket, and it is extroadinary!