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There are some sights in Europe that are best seen if you take a guided tour of Europe.? One of Europe?s sites we recommend hiring a guide for, is Pompeii in Italy.? Pompeii is one of Italy?s most popular tourist attractions, located about 20 miles southeast of Naples.? It is considered one of the most important historical sites in the world, as it was founded in 600BC, and remains one of the most preserved cities of its time.? Pompeii was once a prosperous commercial centre, however tragedy hit the city in 79AD and took the lives of its 20 000 residents.? Mt Vesuvius, a volcano 5 miles from Pompeii erupted and spewed out an immense black cloud of ash which rained over the city covering Pompeii in up to 7 meters of ash.? 18 hours before the volcano spilled, it rumbled loudly but none of the residents of Pompeii took note.? Very few residents were able to escape the ash which quickly covered everything in its path.? The weight of the ash caused roofs to collapse and trapped many people inside buildings.

Today most of Pompeii has been uncovered, with most of the excavations being conducted in the 19th century.? The site now reveals a great deal about how people lived during Roman times as the ash that buried the town served to almost ?freeze?, ?mummify?, or ?crystallize? the entire city.? The ruins are some of the best preserved in the world, and offer a facinating snapshot of Roman life in the 1st century AD.? The buildings are all originals, and as the excavations were taking place, the empty spaces where people were buried were filled with plaster, and what emerged were detailed and eerie captures of the people who failed to escape.? The 44 hectares of the excavated city attracts up to 2 million visitors each year.

Mt Vesuvius is still an active volcano today.? The last eruption was in 1944, and in 1999 it puffed enough smoke to worry the local residents.? Today approximately 2 million people live in the immediate vicinity of Mt Vesuvius.? Tours to Europe are most popular during the summer, and we recommend visiting Pompeii with Europe tours that travels during the warmer months, as it is an outdoor museum which can take a full day to see.? So if you are now inspired to visit Pompeii, and would like to search cheap tours of Europe, browse TravAddict now!