sunset cliffs san diego
We here at TravAddict enjoy reading the latest travel news of a morning, and this morning we came across an article on Yahoo news about disappearing places in the USA. We were taken back a little when we noticed that the Sunset Cliffs of San Diego, California (TravAddict’s home base) was on this list. The Sunset Cliffs are a landmark in California, and a beautiful spot with magnificent ocean views. To think that these cliffs might one day no longer exist was a sad thought for us. Of course it is sad to think that all of the sights mentioned in this article may one day no longer exist (which also included the Everglades in Florida, the Glacier National Park in Montana, Mesa Verda Cliff Dwellings in Colorado, and the Coral Reefs of Biscayne National Park in Florida). With the Sunset Cliffs being so close to us in distance and in memories, it got us thinking, what can we do to help preserve these cliffs?? Knowing that they are in such danger from slowly being eaten away from irrigation and developments, we thought there must be something we can do as locals to help.? Our team is investigating our options for getting involved in preserving any natural sight of San Diego so that when others take a tour to the USA, they are able to enjoy all of the wonderful sights we hope will exist forever.? Starting local to help preserve a local wonder is a great place to start when getting involved in preserving the world for everyone to enjoy.? We will keep you posted with what our team comes up with and how we are going to help our local community in preserving if not the Sunset Cliffs, but any sight in San Diego that needs help with preservation!? We are thinking of it as our New Years Resolutions