schemerWhen planning a big trip it is always advisable to do some research, buy a guide book, and have somewhat of a plan for sightseeing. But, what about those spontaneous trips when you are unexpectedly in a city for a day or two, and would like some good recommendations for places to eat and things to do? Well, Google has a great app for that! The relatively new Schemer app is something I recently stumbled upon which is fantastic for finding great things to see and do in almost any city. While the app is not available everywhere yet, I am anticipating this great new information source to catch on and expand quite quickly.

All you need to do is simply sign in with your Google Plus account, and you will have access to often hundreds of recommendations and information sources for things to see and do in any city. The larger the city the more recommendations, and all of the information is sourced from blogs and articles written by registered authors (often locals or travel experts). The app is incredibly user-friendly, and well worth checking out even in your own city. If you are an avid travel writer, you can even become a contributor yourself.

So next time you are visiting a new city, or if you would like to see what is available in your own city, check out Schemer and let us know what you think!