If you are a traveler with an insatiable thirst for adventure,??? then look no further than Intrepid Travel for your next trip.? Intrepid is giving 10 travelers the chance to be a part of a one-off expedition to the ends of the earth – the Shackleton Epic, possibly Intrepid’s biggest adventure yet.

The Shackleton Epic is a 56-day journey from Punta Arenas, Chile, down to the Antarctic Peninsula, via Elephant Island and South Georgia, finishing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The trip will re-trace the steps of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew.? Their journey is one of history’s greatest tales of survival. After losing their ship to the ice, the 28-crew members were stranded on an ice floe without hope of rescue. Taking to the lifeboats, the men rowed for five days straight, and made it to the inhospitable and exposed shores of Elephant Island. Realizing their ominous fate if they remained marooned in such a frozen purgatory, Shackleton, along with five of his men, sailed one of the lifeboats over 800 nautical miles through the roughest seas known to man, to reach a remote whaling station on South Georgia Island. Shackleton and two others then successfully navigated their exhausted, malnourished and frostbitten bodies across a mountain range, trekking for over 36 hours to find rescue at Stromness.

Following in Shackleton’s footsteps, a brave few have managed to replicate the 16 day ocean crossing and climb over South Georgia. But no one has achieved an authentic re-enactment using only traditional gear – replica clothing, 1915 navigational technology and expedition rations, and without outside assistance.

After almost 100 years, Tim Jarvis and his crew are attempting to recreate this legendary journey, and Intrepid Travel are taking 10 keen travelers with them. Intrepid are offering you the opportunity to travel alongside the expedition on the official support vessel ? a tall ship similar in dimensions to the Endurance, the TS Pelican is the perfect ship to accompany this re-enactment.? If you’re a true lover of legends, and you want to be a part of an heroic adventure, then this is the tour for you!