By now we assume if you are a frequent traveler you have heard of skype, and most likely already use it. But, if you are new to travelling abroad and are looking for an economical way to keep in touch with your loved ones while you will be away, check it out! I remember the days when calling home while on the road was expensive and not so easy. It involved buying phone cards, finding a public phone (one that works), calculating the right time of day to call home with the time difference, and getting about 10 minutes of talk time from your not-so-cheap phone card. Skype is available anywhere you can get an internet connection, even on your smartphone. You can call a landline almost anywhere in the world from approximately 2cents to 20 cents per minute! AND if you can organise your family members to connect to skype at the same time as you, a skype to skype call is free!! So, if you are not clued in on the skype phenomenon, get clued in now! it is a great tool for any adventure travel.