Let’s face it, spending money on a sleeping location can be a big waste.? Think about it.? You spend good money, settle in, close your eyes, and hopefully don’t remember a thing.

alternatives to hotels and hostels
Gads, this hostel smells rank!

Here are 4 cheap alternatives to hostels and hotels that offer a different experience.

SwapMyCityPad.com – This site allows you to swap? your own flat/apartment or house with other like-minding people for a weekend or longer.

VivaStreet.co.uk – Going to the UK? check out this site for options. Includes B&Bs.

CouchSurfing.org – Not only a cheap place to sleep, but lots of local knowledge about what to do, what to see, and hidden gems.

CampingInMyGarden.com – Have your camping gear? Then check out this site. Microcamping and private gardens!