pamplona1It is not secret that the Spanish know how to party, and they are constantly celebrating year-round all over the country with crazy festivals. During the summer time, some of their largest and most well-known festivals take place, and given that the summer is a popular time to visit Europe, it is worth considering visiting Spain while one of these festivals takes place. Here are three Spanish Festivals we recommend you check out this summer:

La Batalla Del Vino:

Every year on the 29 June, the?village of Haro recognizes their patron saint San Pedro by dressing in white and drenching each other with wine. Participants come armed with wine-filled Spanish Bota Bags, and battle for approximately three hours with approximately 40, 000 liters of wine.

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Running of the Bulls:

Celebrated from July 6th to the 14th every year, this festival dates back to 1591. The origins of the festival are to celebrate the Patron Saint of wineskins; San Fermin. The actual ?Running of the Bulls? began as the need to transport the bulls from their location outside the town into the bullring for the festivals daily bullfight. It became a daring phenomenon to run with the bulls through the street into the bull ring every morning, and today approximately 20 000 people run with the bulls every year, with many more simply participating in festivities.

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La Tomatina:

La Tomatina is the world?s largest and messiest tomato fight.?The festival is held every year in Bu?ol, Spain in August. Approximately 40,000 people join this crazy festival of tomato throwing, lasting a few hours. No-one gets away clean in the world?s biggest tomato fight, and with the festival receiving more and more visitors from all over the world every year, it is clear that everyone loves a food fight.

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As you can see, participating in these festivals is not for the faint of heart, but even if the participation in not quite your thing, visiting these festivals and all of the celebrations that go along with the main event are well worth it. The Spanish know how to put on a show, and these festivals are a great way to experience the Spanish party life to the max!