running of the bulls
There are so many great festivals to consider when traveling to Europe, and here are a few that we love: Venice Carnival, Venice Italy – Held in February, the Venice Carnival began in the 12th century and involves masquerades, ceremonies, music, and processions involving tradition and extravagant Venetian masks and ball gowns. Las Fallas, Valencia Spain – Held in March, Las Fallas, or the festival of fire involves a parade of extravagant and elegantly decorated floats, and at the end…..they light them on fire along with a spectacular array of fireworks. St Patrick’s Day, Dublin Ireland – Held in March, St Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, and Dublin throws a local party for this festival that is bigger than any other. This is an Irish festival that no local misses. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona Spain – Celebrated from July 6th to the 14th every year. The festival dates back to 1591, and the origins of the festival are to celebrate the life and works of the Patron Saint of wineskins; San Fermin. The actual ?Running of the Bulls? began as the need to transport the bulls from their location outside the town into the bullring for the festivals daily bullfight. Edinburgh Festival and Tattoo, Edinburgh Scotland – Held in August, the Edinburgh Tattoo involves the traditions Fringe Festival and Fireworks with the Edinburgh Castle in the backdrop. This is a Scottish tradition that all of the local come out to enjoy. Oktoberfest, Munich Germany – Held in September, Oktoberfest began in 1810 when Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) Married Theresa. Prince Ludwig invited the town to his wedding celebration with 40 000 guests. He loved beer, and there wedding almost resembled a beer festival. The townspeople decided to celebrate again on the first anniversary of the wedding, and today Oktoberfest draws approx. 6 million visitors over 2 weeks, and an average of 10 000 litres of beer are consumed each day. Topdeck Travel and Busabout offer some great tour options for traveling to these festivals, with great discounted prices and guaranteed access to the festival and accommodation.