Kayak is a great resource to search for the best flight deals.? Kayak gathers flight prices from numerous different travel sites so that you don?t have to go from site-to-site to compare prices yourself.? Kayak even takes it a step further with two great applications called Kayak Buzz and Kayak Explore.? Both of these applications are perfect for travelers with flexibility or who are at the very beginning stages of planning a getaway. Kayak Buzz allows you to choose a departure city anywhere in the world, and it will provide you with the cheapest destinations to fly to at your chosen month of year.? So, if you are planning on traveling to Europe in December for example, and you are not concerned with the exact city you fly into, Kayak Buzz can help you find the cheapest route there in seconds! Kayak Explore is similar to Kayak buzz, but it maps the worldwide results for you.? All you need to do is choose a departure city and a month to travel, and it will display the cheapest flights to destinations all over the world on an interactive map.? So, if you know you want to take a trip in July, but you are happy to go anywhere, this amazing resource can help you find a destination with a cheap flight……making the decision even easier!? Kayak Explore even takes it a step further by allowing you to narrow your results by ?activities? a destination might offer, ?languages spoken?, and the weather at the time of year you would like to travel. Check out these two sites, and let TravAddict know what you think:-)