Reef Stash Sandal

As a tourist, keeping a close eye on your belongings is very important. But what if you could hide your valuables in a place where no one expects? Well, with Reefs Stash Sandals you can! These cleverly designed sandals allow you to stash cash, credit cards, keys and identification inside your shoes. Forget about accidentally leaving your bag behind at a restaurant, or being pick pocketed, with these shoes your belongings are tucked safely away. And let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere without your shoes!

But…….it gets better! For those of you that love to frequent sporting events or concerts and like to smuggle a cheeky drink into any event, the Reef Dram is the shoe for you! Instead of a stash pocket, each sandal is fitted with a flask. Genius!

So, if you are thinking of touring anywhere in the world where sandals are an appropriate shoe of choice, TravAddict recommends checking out these great shoes by Reef.