FlightsSome of you may have heard of the Southwest Airlines rapping flight attendant before, and some of you may have even been lucky enough to fly with him.? I however, have been in the dark, and this talented flight attendant who aims to brighten the day of Southwest passengers, has only recently been brought to my attention.

I figured if I am just hearing about this flight attendant (who has become a youtube sensation), I can?t be the only one.? I am a big fan of people who work in the travel industry for the right reasons, so I wanted to highlight David Holmes, and his creative way of helping to turn someones trip into the trip of a lifetime.? David is based in Las Vegas, and says he often raps on flights traveling to Las Vegas in the afternoon or evening.? Imagine starting off your crazy weekend in Vegas with a unique opportunity to see the Flight Attendant Rapper live!? David even has a few different raps up his sleeve.

Truly great workers in the travel industry are inspired to go out of their way to help make someone?s trip a little more spectacular, and David is a true inspiration to anyone looking for an example of what going above and beyond for a travel guest means.? I am not suggesting that every flight attendant follow David?s lead though.? I for one, could never rap or even sing a song for a crowd to make them smile, but going further than just the basics of what is expected from a customer service representative in the travel industry, is what sets a travel company apart from all of the rest.? Whether that be an employee at an airline, a hotel, a tour company……the list goes on.

So, I am assuming you want to see David in action?? Here it is: