When you are a budget traveller every penny you spend can be precious.  Most of the time people cut down on the obvious luxuries like staying in hostels v’s hotels, choosing to take the audio guide v’s a local guide, and eating from at street vendor instead of eating at a fancy restaurant.  Food is something budget travelers can probably strategise their spending on the most.  Every backpacker has a different theory on the best ways to save on food…..because although food is essential, you still have many options.

The nice thing about traveling on an organized trip, is you at least get meals provided some of the time.  I travelled with a guy on a 28 day t Europe tour who had probably the most interesting food theory.  It was not my favorite because I would not actually consider doing this myself, but it was unique.  He ate nothing but snickers bars….unless the meal was included.  Thank goodness this was a trip that had at least some meals included, because I would hate to see the effects of someone that only ate 3 snickers bars a day……….which he swears he did while traveling for a month through Spain.  So, if you are ever out there in Europe, I can tell you that Snickers bars are readily available in many countries, and it will only cost you an average of 3 Euro’s a day to feed yourself.  I personally think that stocking up at the included breakfast bar at the hostel then eating a decent dinner is the best strategy:-)