A lot of travelers like to have a keepsake of every destination they visit on their travels. I personally consider my pictures to be my souvenirs because I am not a fan of clutter at all, so I always remembered those travelers who would collect the same souvenir in every country/city they visited. Some were quite common, like bracelet charms, postcards, fridge magnets. But some were just a little weird. The most memorable was definitely the girl who wanted to eat a Big Mac in every city she visited, and save the wrapper. First of all, I'm sure the big mac grease made the collection smell, and second of all, there is nothing about it that makes any sense to me. She was a lot of fun to be around, and completely normal in every sense…..I suppose not in the souvenir sense though. If my memory serves me right, we were on a two week Europe tour. She had a large scrap-book where she would paste the big mac wrapper/broken-down boxes, label them, and rate them from 1-10. I believe Austria received the highest store. I hope if I ever run into her again, she owns her own McDonald's franchise:-)