Neuschwanstein Castle is a true fairytale castle, and TravAddict agrees it feels like a fairytale when you visit this magical German Castle Walt Disney was inspired Neuschwantein when he designed Cinderella?s Castle. The building was begun in 1869, and was left unfinished at Ludwig the 2nd?s death in 1886. Ludwig ruled Bavaria for 23 years until his death at age 41. Essentially Ludwig was a talentless eccentric man, who had a lifelong struggle not just with a mental illness, but homosexuality as well. After visiting the Palace of Versailles in France he wanted an extravagant castle too. His grandiose Neushwanstein castle capped a building boom that nearly bankrupted Bavaria. Rather than deal with politics in the Bavarian capital of Munich, Ludwig spent most of his time constructing his fanciful Castle. Although he spent 17 years building it, he lived in it only 172 days. Eventually Ludwig was declared mentally unfit to rule Bavaria and was taken away from Neushwanstein (it is believed that he was schizophrenic). Two days after his eviction, he was found dead in a lake close to Munich. To this day, people debate whether he was murdered or he committed suicide. The tour of the castle takes about half an hour, but you need to either walk up a lot of stairs to get there, or you can catch a trolley or horse-drawn cart. You would want to dedicate a few hours for the visit. This is a great day-trip from Munich, or a great stop if you are driving through Germany. Topdeck Travel, Intrepid Travel, Tucan Travel and Busabout have some great options for tours that travel to Germany. If you would like to learn about what other travelers who traveled to Europe thought of their trip, you can read Topdeck Travel Reviews? at TravAddict.