There are plenty of sports that inspire people to take trips to specific destinations. The top 5 sports that seem to inspire TravAddict travelers are: 1. Hiking: Many adventure tour lovers seek out destinations that are not for the light-hearted, and some of these destinations involve hiking steep terrain, or trekking for days to reach a remote destination. A popular trip that involves Hiking by G Adventures is their Patagonia Experience tour that includes hiking glaciers and along alpine lakes, and through some of the most dramatic landscapes of South America. 2. Skiing: Skiing is an adventure sport that is extremely popular with not only the adventure seeking traveler, but anyone who desires to travel to an alpine setting. Topdeck Travel offers a really great tour to ski the French Alps for 7 days that includes skiing lessons for those who have never skied before, or who want to improve their skiing skills. 3. Sailing: Traveling to the beach is often a relaxing and exotic way to travel, but sailing through the islands of Croatia or on the Greek Coast is even more exotic! This may be a sport for some, but a relaxing experience for others. Topdeck Traveloffers travelers the opportunity to learn how to sail on their Summer Fun and Sailing tour on the Greek coast. 4. Surfing: There are many travelers who have always lived far from a surf beach and have always desired to travel to some of the most famous beaches in the world. One of the best places in the world to learn how to surf is the East Cost of Australia. There are plenty of experienced surfing schools that operate year-round and can have you standing up on your board within hours! Topdeck Travel offers a great 4 day Surf, Sun and Sand tour that includes two surfing lessons on Australia?s Central Coast. 5. Biking: There are plenty places in the world where it is more common to get around by bike than by car. So, why not do as the locals do! You can find many biking tours throughout Europe and Asia more so than anywhere else. Our favorite biking tour is an Urban Adventure by Intrepid Travel that offers a biking tour through Beijing.