very hungry nomadsWhen I traveled through Europe I made friends with fellow traveler Marty, a local Eastern European spending her time showing travelers her homeland, and doing a really good job at it:-)? Martina and I have always kept in touch, and when I heard that she and fellow traveler Rach had started a travel website based around food tours, I was extremely excited.? I know first hand that these girls are true foodies, and have a special talent for seeking out the best places to find authentic local food in any city. ?

Very Hungry Nomads is the name of their website, and between them Marty and Rach have traveled to around 100 countries!? Needless to say, their worldwide food knowledge is very extensive.

Meet Marty and Rach:

marty and rach

?We believe that cooking and eating in a foreign country is truest way to its soul.? We know that food brings people together, and even if you can?t speak the local language, everyone is understood when food?is present; a smile, a nod and a rub of the tummy is all you need to show your appreciation of a good meal.?

Very Hungry Nomads was created to help travelers leave behind the tourist traps when it comes to food, and get involved with authentic food experiences offered by locals.? The website offers an easy search function, with tours ranging from cooking classes in Thailand, tapas tours in Spain, wine tasting in France,? and so much more.

Marty and Rach have personally sourced the vendors they work with, and make a point to focus on small, independent businesses around the World, so you are supporting the ?little guys? when you book a tour them.
thai cooking
Cooking class in Thailand – Mastering the quick way of Thai cooking with the wok
China making noodles

Cooking class in China – getting amongst it & learning how to make noodles

?It truly gives us the greatest satisfaction to support local people who chose to follow their passion for food and turn it into a thriving business.?

So, if you are interested in indulging in authentic local cuisine next time you travel, make sure you check out Very Hungry Nomads to enhance your trip with an unforgettable food experience.? After all, who wouldn?t want to sample the best chocolates in France, learn to cook a curry in India, or be shown the best street-eats by a local in Shanghai!