Does the hassle-free holiday really exist? Does it seem that every time you plan a trip something goes awry? In this day and age, simply getting from point A to point B might entail any number of inconveniences. From cancelled flights and interminable delays to lost luggage or a nasty bout of food poisoning, travelling is often a mixed bag of fate, luck and timing. While there is not much you can do about flight patterns and baggage handlers, you can, however, plan the type of holiday that attempts to minimize problems and disruptions. While it might not be completely hassle-free, the escorted tour is all about convenience.

Cooking Up a Good Idea

Forget Shakespeare, Newton and tea, the package holiday is England?s greatest contribution to the world. Thomas Cook started his international travel company in 1841, and since that day the escorted tour has been the easiest and most convenient way to see the world. The first escorted tour, which began on July 5, 1841 as a one-day rail excursion from Leicester to Loughborough, has turned into the most popular way to travel.

Benefits of an Escorted Tour

The idea of an escorted tour is for travellers to get the most out of their holiday. You get to see the maximum number of sights with the fewest difficulties. However, the best part is that you do not need to plan or choreograph anything. While there are countless benefits of booking an escorted tour, here is a look at three that will have you planning that trip to India or China you have always wanted to take.

1. Accommodation, meals, transportation and activities are generally all included in an escorted tour. Depending on what country you go to, there may or may not be extra supplements; however, they are usually minimal. This one-stop shopping, everything is included approach to travelling leaves you with more time to enjoy the trip as the planning and logistic will already be taken care of.

2. When you book an escorted tour, you will see?all?the highlights of a particular place. These tours have busy itineraries. From main attractions to lesser-known hotspots, you are going to get a thorough overview of your destination. While some travellers do not like this fast-paced approach to tourism, others want to see as many things as they can.

3. In many respects, traveling with an escorted tour is safer than venturing to some countries independently. The tour operators knows the lay of the land, and there is no venturing from the beaten path. This feeling of safety and protection might inspire you to visit some countries you would not have travelled to on your own.

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