It is certainly not enjoyable having to think about the ‘bad’ things that could happen to you while traveling abroad, but being prepared for the worst can help you out in an un-foreseen situation.

Our TravAddict team has put together a list of recommendations for ‘being prepared while traveling’.

1.  Always  be insured.  Travel Insurance is different to medical insurance.  It will be a savior in medical emergencies, if your luggage is lost or stolen, if your flights are delayed or canceled, if your tour is canceled, if you have to cancel your trip due to an emergency or medical situation, if you miss your tour departure due to a flight delay……..and so many other situations.  Please check-out our insurance page to find out more.

2.  Always have an emergency money source.  Hide a money source in your luggage for emergencies.  Putting all of your money sources in one place is setting yourself up for a lot of hassle if your wallet happens to go missing or gets stolen.  Keeping a spare credit card, or $50 in cash in a hidden compartment of your luggage will save you in this situation.

3.  Always leave a tour itinerary with someone at home before you leave.  It can be tough keeping in touch with your loved ones back home when you are always on the go.  If your loved ones know where you are on specific dates and any flights you are scheduled to catch, you will keep their mind at ease and it will help them to locate you in an emergency situation.