When you are planning a trip overseas, it is common to not instantly know where you want to go, the options are endless!  It is always important to remember that someone who already knows where they want to travel to was inspired somehow to choose that specific destination.

I have traveled to many parts of the world, so people often ask me ‘What is the most amazing place you have ever been to?’.  In all honesty I cannot answer this question because to me, each place is special or memorable for different reasons.  When I am planning on traveling to a new destination, the first thing I base my decision on is what I want to see or do while I am away.

Do I want to visit a big city or a small town?

What kind of scenery do I wan to see? I.e. beach scenery or mountainous scenery?

Do I want to see exotic animals?

Do I want to experience a new language?

Do I want to experience new food?

Do I want to go somewhere warm or somewhere cold?

The list of questions could go on, but if you ask yourself some of these base questions, it will help you to narrow down your search.  There is aways a destination in the world that will satisfy your specific travel needs, but how do you find them?  I find that hearing about someone else’s experiences is the most effective way to be inspired.  This might be through talking to a friend that has traveled extensively, or speaking to someone with a passion for a specific destination.  I suggest to start by reading the travel section in your local newspaper, online articles or travel blogs.  TravAddict.com allows you to read reviews on the trips we feature, which will also be very effective in helping you to decide where to go, and how to travel there.  Ask all the questions to YOURSELF before you travel, and you will be sure to decide on a destination that will not disappoint.  Simply searching Travaddict.com for trips in a continent you are curious about is a great way to start your search for the perfect destination for YOU!