The recent riot events in London have shaken many tourists, and has left them wondering if they should continue with their summer vacation in London or move on?

The answer to this question will be different for every traveler, but for those that do not feel comfortable staying in London at this time, the good new is that there are plenty of other close by destinations where you may feel safer and still see plenty of great sights. The top three destinations we recommend for those travelers wishing to avoid London are:

1. Edinburgh, Scotland
You can catch a train from London to Edinburgh with a travel time of approximately four hours.
2. Paris, France
You can catch the Eurostar from London to Paris in only two and a half hours.
3. Brussels, Belgium
You can catch the Eurostar from London to Brussels in approximately one hour.

TravAddict hopes that London settles down soon and all who live there and are traveling there can feel safe again. For those that decide to stay in London, we can at least be assured for now that none of the rioting is taking place in the center of London near any of the main tourist areas. We recommend to avoid large crowds, and stay cautious if you decide to stay.