It seems that Anna Haase is making headlines in travel news this week for her interesting launch of Toilet Tours in Berlin.  TravAddict loves Berlin, and we are very fond of the many different tours on offer.  Most tours of Berlin are based around the Thrid Reich, so Anna’s reasoning for creating the toilet tour was to create a tour of Berlin that incorporates something different and quirky.

Anna’s tour ratings so far are quite high, and her tours are apparently full of historical and current facts about Berlin, somehow using toilets to tie it all together.  She has toilets to show you that date all the way back to the 19th century, and others that have been masterfully built in modern times which showcase impressive forms of art.  She also ends her tour at a bar called Klo (which literally means loo in English). This pub has always been a major tourist attraction in Berlin.  The entire pub is themed around toilets, and you even drink your beer out of a urine specimen bottle and eat your meal out of a a bed pan!

So, next time you are in Berlin, look up Anna Haase’s Toilet tours and let us know what you think.  If anything it will be a great story to tell when you get home!