Today?s blog post is written by our guest blogger Sarah from Since Sarah is an expert on booking and staying in Hostels, she is sharing the top 5 reasons for a budget traveler to stay in a hostel. When choosing accommodation for a trip on a budget there is number of reasons why you should consider staying in a hostel. Here are our top 5 reasons: 1. The price If you are traveling for an extended amount of time time on a low budget, you will save a lot of money staying in hostels. Hostels are often much cheaper than hotels and they can be easily pre-booked online. In large cities in particular you will find plenty of great hostels with different room options, eg multi share rooms, single sex rooms, and also private rooms. Cities like Berlin, London, and Paris are great examples of cities with great hostel options that boast rave reviews and great locations. 2. The social aspect Most hostels will have a common area, bar, or restaurant where you can hang out and meet other travelers. It is surprisingly easy to meet new people when you stay in hostels. Hanging in the common areas is a great way to meet someone to grab a beer with, have dinner with, or to explore the city with. You might even find a perfect travel partner, someone who is traveling your way that you can keep as great company as you move to your next destination. 3. Helps you stick to your budget Food can eat up a large amount of your budget while on the road, so having the ability to prepare your own food every now and then can be a huge money saver. Hostels will often have kitchens where you can prepare your own food and avoid always eating out. Kitchens are usually fully equipped with pots, pans, silverware, plates, toasters…..the list goes on. The common rule is to clean up after yourself so that other people in hostel can use it too. There are also often fridges where you can label your food and store it for as long as needed. Another bonus with a lot of hostels, is that they will often provide a continental breakfast with your stay. 4. Clean and safe If your concern about choosing a hostel is the clean/safe aspect, we recommend reading a few of the reviews on your chosen hostel before you book it. These days many hostels in cities have better reviews for cleanliness and being located in a safe area vs a 3 star hotel. Most hostels offer deposit boxes where you can leave your valuables, and in shared dorm rooms you will often be allocated a locker where you can keep all of your belongings locked away. You will always be provided clean sheets for your stay, and if you need a new set, hostels are willing to replace them at anytime during your stay. 5. Great place to stay when traveling with friends If you are traveling with a group of friends and you want to stay together but meet others along the way, a hostel stay is a great way to save on booking multiple hotel rooms. Hostels will often provide rooms that you can book for just you and the friends you are traveling with (depending on the size of your group of course). We hope we have inspired you to take a chance on a hostel on your next overseas adventure, and we hope to see you out there! Happy Travels.