When you book a tour with any of our vendors you are sure to be traveling with other people from all over the world. The carefully selected tour companies featured with TravAddict promote competitive prices, flexibility and tour features designed for adventure travelers on a budget.

Group Travel Hiking


1. The selection ? With hundreds of itineraries available, you are sure to find an adventure to suit you. Some tours are great for first time travelers, and some are perfect for an experienced traveler hoping to explore a remote destination.

2. The inclusions ? Our vendors ensure that they include both popular highlights and also unknown treasures that you can?t always find in a guide book.

3. The fellow travelers ? You will make friends for life with people from all over the world!

4. The price ? Our vendors have set their prices to fit travelers on a budget. On paper traveling alone can sometimes seem to be the more economical option, but when you pay-as-you-go unforseen surprises can often mean the cost can pile up fast! An up-front all in one cost can ensure you stick to your budget, and you do not have to worry too much about money when you are out there.

5. The guarantee you will see what you planned to see ? It is one thing to plan an independent adventure, but it is another to stick to your schedule. Our vendors have well planned schedules that ensure you will see all of the sights and destinations on your trip with only the most extreme circumstances an exception.

6. The free time ? Traveling with a group doesn?t mean you will ALWAYS need to stay with the group. All of our vendors ensure that their schedules allow ample time to explore destinations on your own. The best part is, the guides are there to help with suggestions for great things to do in your free time.

7. The minimum hassle ? Traveling with a group eliminates all of the hectic planning. The tour company will take care of details that can cause a lot of stress and headache when traveling on your own??.like missing your train, being unable to find available and affordable accommodation, or getting lost.

8. Emergency assistance ? Our vendor?s are there to help you in any security situation. If you lose you belongings, lose your passport, or get stuck at a boarder they will be there to guide you though it.

9. The guides ? Each of our vendors ensure you travel with a knowledgeable guide. Their local knowledge will give you that extra bit of info you cant always find in a guide book. They can lead you directly to the best sights and suggest unique things to do.

10. The security ? Traveling alone to foreign destinations can leave you vulnerable to many types of danger. Traveling with a group and a trusted guide will greatly reduce your exposure to theft, extortion, and tourist scams.