As travelers it is important to support the communities we travel to. Many countries we desire to visit may be less fortunate that us, or at one point be dealing with a devastating natural disaster. It is always good to look at what we can do to support the communities that offer us a great experience when traveling abroad. All of the tour companies that TravAddict is affiliated with do their best to give back to the communities they travel to, not just through the generation of Tourism. G Adventures has been operating a successful give-back program called Planterra since 2003 that helps to develop smaller communities around the globe, and helps tourists that are interested in giving back to do so personally or through donations. Intrepid Travel operates a successful give-back program called The Intrepid Foundation which allows you to donate to different funds that focus on health care, education, human rights, child welfare, sustainable development, environmental protection, animal welfare and wildlife protection in the many destinations they visit. At the moment they are accepting donations for the Earthquake Appeal in Christchurch, New Zealand. Topdeck Travel recently held a Queensland Flood Appeal day in London, UK which raised over ?10 000 for the recent flood victims in Australia. Busabout is supporting and participating in the TNT Christchurch Earthquake London Fundraiser on Sunday March 6th at the Castle Bar in Battersea, London. These are just a few appeals that our vendor?s and organizing in order to give back to the communities they travel to other that just generating tourism revenue. As a tour operator it is important to give-back to the communities we frequently visit, and TravAddict is proud to be working with tour operators that are constantly doing just that.