TravAddict has decided to move it?s headquarters to a new and exotic location……the Cayman Islands!? We move is less than one week, and are currently busy clearing up any remaining lose ends in our current home – Lansing Michigan USA.

While researching our new home, I discovered that the Cayman Islands was voted the friendliest Country in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2012.? It is definitely comforting to know that our new home has a great reputation for minimal crime, low pollution, a close-knit community, and residents that are very welcoming and friendly to both visitors and new residents alike.

The Forbes top 10 friendliest Country list was formulated as a result of surveying more than 5000 expats living in approximately 100 countries.? 75% of the surveyed participants living as expats in the Cayman Islands responded positively to integrating into the local community, and enjoying both their lifestyle and their ability to befriend locals.? There are currently approximately 21 000 expats living in Grand Cayman (the island we are headed to), most of whom are young professionals.


Reading these positive remarks about our new home is definitely calming, and an exciting prospect for us!? We are very excited about moving to the Caribbean , and sharing with our readers our adventures and experiences in our new home. So stay tuned for lots of fun and exciting blog posts about our move to Grand Cayman, and our adjustments to island life!