TravAddict is excited to welcome our latest Adventure tour vendor, Topdeck Travel! TravAddict is now selling Topdeck trips to Europe, with Australia, New Zealand and Africa to follow. To celebrate Topdeck’s launch on TravAddict, we are honored to interview Topdeck’s Managing Director, James Nathan, to get an insight into what Topdeck offers young travelers: 1. Can you tell us a little about Topdeck, and the type of traveler that is best suited to travel with Topdeck? A: Topdeck is unique within the travel industry as it was born (literally) in a retired London Double Decker Bus. It all started way back in 1973 when a young Australian Vet whilst working in England came up with the idea of converting these old “Red Rattlers” by installing bunks upstairs and seating and kitchen downstairs . So .. these buses went from plying the streets of London to travelling the back-roads to Moscow, Katmandu, Sydney and numerous ports between. At one point Topdeck had over 90 of these buses travelling throughout Europe and Asia. Alas, power steering, air conditioning and the odd European regulation spelt the death of this form of travel. Topdeck has continued to expand however continuing the pioneering spirit of yesterday now boasting a huge range of holidays that extend from Christchurch to Reykjavik. All Topdeck’s adventure trips are designed for young people, actually the company does have an age limit … “18 to 30 somethings” which translates to 18 to 39, although the average age is 24. Being designed for younger people, a large percentage of the passengers are single although couples are welcome and well catered for via the company’s hotel range of trips. Other trips include camping in 2 person tents or Euroclub which are primarily hostel based trips. 2. TravAddict is passionate about group travel. Can you tell us what your past travelers love most about traveling with a Topdeck group? A. I guess the main attraction of Topdeck style group travel is firstly the hassle free nature of the trips. We supply young, well educated and competent road crew who do the worrying whilst our passengers enjoy the sights. Meeting other young people from all over the world who are also passionate about travel is another compelling reason as is the cost effectiveness of this form of travel when compared to doing it yourself. As we have been involved in youth travel for over 40 years we also have a thorough understanding of young people’s travel requirements and one of these is free time. In other words they want us to show the sights but then have the time and flexibility to explore on their own. 3. What do you think is the hottest destination of the season? A. Our hottest destinations at present are Egypt and Croatia. Both very different but compelling tourist destinations in their own right. Egypt because the fascination of the their early civilisations just never ceases to amaze and Croatia because of its stunning coastline , including 1100 islands. One of these Pag, is a Topdeck favourite…. sleepy and laid back for most of the year yet roaring to life in summer when visited by some of the world’s top DJ’s its then that it’s night scene rivals Ibiza and Cancun. 4. What advice would you give TravAddict members who want to book a Topdeck Trip? A. The advice I would give anyone coming on a Topdeck Trip is open your minds to a huge range of experiences and cultures, bring a sense of fun and adventure and get set for the trip of a lifetime! Thanks to James Nathan for his insight into what Topdeck Travel offers. Visit TravAddict to learn more about Topdeck, and search their trips to Europe!