When traveling abroad there are a lot of things you might want to consider.

Consider Traveling With Hand Luggage Only


Hear us out before you think we are crazy! When you are touring around the world, a backpack typically tends to be the obvious option for carting around your luggage. With a backpack you can easily wander through busy streets, manouver up and down stairs, and easily access routes that are not ?wheel friendly?. The downsides of traveling with a backpack can often be your limited access to your items, the pressure/discomfort on your back, and the fact that you will always have to check your luggage when you fly. In a destination like Europe or the USA, backpacks aren?t always necessary, and you will find that you can fit the same amount of stuff in a quality carry-on suitcase plus a day-backpack, both of which you can take as carry-on luggage on an aircraft. These days, many carry-on suitcases offer a protective pocket for your laptop, leaving your day-backpack free to fill up with those things you might find your would prefer to have at-hand when traveling. And even though your suitcase may have wheels which can at times be inappropriate, it is light enough to pick up when walking up and down stairs, or in incredibly crowded areas.

Don?t Forget The Hand Sanitizer

Travel Advice

Sometimes we forget that our creature comforts of home might not be available while traveling, and soap is far too often a luxury that is not always available when you need it. Hand sanitizer will become your best friend when using public restrooms, or eating street food with your hands. And the last thing you want while trying to enjoy your trip abroad is to get sick. So keep those hands clean anytime you need it, and treat hand sanitizer like it?s your best friend while traveling!

Track your footsteps as you travel the globe

Travvel Gadgets

Consider taking advantage of the many great digital gadgets available that help you keep track of where you went on your travels. The Trackstick is a new gadget great for travelers. Put one of these in your bag or your back pocket everywhere you go, then plug it into your computer when you get home, apply the Google Earth integration, and you will see every step of your travels mapped by a series of red lines. It is a great way to remember where you went, exactly how far you traveled, and also show your family and friends just how much you saw while you were away!

A better and smaller alternative for a sleeping bag when traveling during the summer.

Travel Sheet

We like ideas that assist you in lightening your luggage! Sleeping bags are often an essential item for a backpacker, but they can take up quite a lot of room, and space-saving sleeping bags can be pricey. A travel sheet is an extremely lightweight and roomy sleepsack great for backpackers. Cocoon makes high quality and reasonably priced travel sheets made from several high quality materials, with a velcro closure and a pocket for pillow insert. A travel sheet will take up less than half the room of a sleeping bag, and is easy to wash. It is the perfect travel companion for travelers staying in hostels or camping during the summer.