Most of the time when people think of traveling somewhere exotic they don’t often think of exploring anywhere close to home. Look in your backyard, and you might be very surprised about what you find, and what you learn.

As an Australian living in the USA, I am always keen to take my visiting Australian friends touring around to see the best that San Diego and the surrounding area has to offer. It never ceases to amaze me what I learn every time I get out there and explore. I was also pleasantly surprised when I opted to take a 14 day tour with Topdeck Travel to the East Coast of Australia. Having grown up in the area, and having already travelled to many of the destinations on the itinerary, I was not expecting to learn too much. But, I was truly amazed at the knowledge of our tour guide, and the information he provided us. I learnt so many things about my homeland that I did not know, and saw new sights that truly left me in awe.

So, my point is this. There are adventure tours offered all over the world that can be very reasonably price. Flying to the other side of the world to take a tour can be costly, so if you budget is low, consider going on a tour close to home. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.