This summer, the Olympics are coming to London and millions of people from all around the world will descend on the UK. Many Olympics attendees will extend their trip and tour Europe which will provide a festive atmosphere throughout the country as well as the rest of the continent. The UK is full of fascinating pieces of historical locations that must be seen. Did you know that the city of London operates numerous free museums such as the Tate, the Kensington, the National Gallery, and the British Museum? Other must sees in London include the London Eye, located right on the Thames River, which is one of the worlds largest ferris wheels. The ride provides one the best views of the expansive city. It would be disappointing to travel to the UK and not visit Scotland. One of Travaddict’s partners, Haggis Adventures specializes in tours to Scotland. Joining one of Haggis’ tours is a great starting point or ending point for your trip to the Olympics. Haggis offers relatively short tours that cover a lot of ground in Scotland including all of the destinations which Scotland is famous for such as the home of the Lochness Monster, numerous scotch distilleries, and medieval castles. You can visit the Haggis Adventures reviews page to get a feeling for the experiences fellow travelers have had on their Haggis trip. While not formally a part of the UK anymore, the Republic of Ireland is a fantastic side trip from London and the UK with a shared and complicated history. Ireland is split in two with Northern Ireland being still part of the UK is home to one of the most famous beers in the world, Guinness. The original Guinness brewery is also one of the most visited destinations in Ireland. If you’d like to get a flavor of what your experience will be like on a tour to Ireland, see the assortment of reviews written about Shamrocker on the Shamrocker Adventures Reviews page. Good luck with your travel plans for the 2012 Olympics, and enjoy as much of the area as you can while you are there!