Scotland is a fantastic destination with plenty to see, and Haggis Adventures is the perfect tour company to experience Scotland with!? Scotland is well known for a few things, and we thought we would share a few of their claims to fame with you: – Whiskey is Scotland’s national drink, and it means ‘water of life’ – The Scottish invented the telephone, the bicycle, the television and pennicillen. – The Scottish have won approximately 11% of all Nobel Prizes ever awarded. – Bag Pipes are well known for being Scottish, but they are in fact dated back to 1000BC in Asia.? The Scots took on the bag pipes in the 1st C AD and they are still a popular instrument in Scotland. – The Scots are well known for wearing their plaid kilts.? Men who could not afford armor originally started wearing the kilt with heavy pleats for movement and some protection…… -? How could we forget the mysterious Loch Ness Monster that is said to live in the Loch Ness of Scotland. – Last but not least, Scotland is known for their national dish Haggis.? Haggis is essentially lamb or beef heart, liver, lungs, oatmeal and onions stuffed in an animal stomach and boiled for 7 hours.? Something you have to try if you visit! Traveling to Scotland can be relatively cheap if you are looking for a tour?on a budget.? Haggis Adventures offers a great option that includes your transport, a local guide, and a few extras.? Haggis pre-books hostel rooms for your convenience, but they do not require that you take this option.? You can pay on arrival for the hostel for the reservation Haggis has made for you, or you can choose another type of accommodation if you would prefer.