For some, traveling to a new country is like collecting a new trinket. Ever heard of the TCC? Better known as the The Travelers’ Century Club, this is an exclusive group of people who collect countries, and you can only become a member if you have visited more than 100 countries. The group has been around since 1954, and each of it’s members takes adding a new country to their list very seriously. When you are defining the countries of the world, it can be a little difficult to define some Countries as ‘Countries’ as some destinations are considered ‘Sovereign States’. The official list of the TCC which is frequently updated, includes 320 countries. It is a privilege to be a member of this group, and they often hold meetings and share stories and experiences from their travels. The TCC has members from all over the world, and their stories and suggestions for destinations are posted on an exclusive forum which can only be accessed by paying members. So……how many countries have you visited? Do you qualify to join the TCC? And most importantly, is traveling YOUR hobby? Itching to travel right now? Search TravAddict and book an adventure tour today!