East Africa Safari with Gecko’s Adventures is a 15 day trip that focuses on seeing the wild animals of Africa, and also take time to visit some worthwhile community projects that Gecko’s Adventures supports. By participating on this tour you are already assisting two worthy causes – the East African Mission Orphange in Kenya and the School of St Jude in Tanzania.     The vast open grasslands of East Africa support the largest concentration of wildlife in the world. Massive herds of wildebeest and zebra roam through the Serengeti Plains and the Masai Mara, along with elephant, giraffe and various predators. Ngorongoro Crater is considered by many to be Africa?s ?jewel in the crown? and is home to a marvellous variety of wildlife, including the highly-endangered black rhinoceros. On this trip you will spend six days in parks and conservation areas, ensuring that the game viewng experiences are incredible and diverse. Gecko’s also allows time to take in further game activities – by foot or on mountainbikes. There is the opportunity to interact with some special children, both in a Kenyan orphanage and at a Tanzanian school, as well as meeting various tribal groups. Travel deep into spectacular wildlife arenas, up and down the Great Rift Valley, through highlands and tea estates, along lakeshores and into traditional tribal communities. This 15 day East Africa Safari with Gecko’s Adventures is priced from $1745 USD.