This 13 day tour with Tucan Travel lncludes the main highlights of Ecuador, starting and finishing in the world’s second highest capital city, Quito. You will visit the Amazon rainforest in dug-out canoes, have a chance to walk through stunning countryside, browse in markets amid colourful Indians and even get the opportunity to experience roasted guinea pig and other local delicacies.

This tour includes the following:

Accommodation: 12 night(s) in hotel(s), hostel(s) & guesthouse(s)

Meals: 3 breakfast(s), 2 lunch(es), 3 dinner(s)

Excursions: Otavalo Market, Amazon Jungle

Transport: Local public bus, boat, taxi, on foot, 1 flight(s)

Age: 18-60, max. 70 (recommended)

Group: Average 8-12

Staff: Tucan Travel tour leader, local guides

Eucador Discovered is priced from $1270 USD per person.