laos discovery

This weeks trip is Laos Discovery from Intrepid Travel. This trip covers highlights of Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Get ready for a fast-paced adventure through the best of Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand. The region is packed to the brim with rich cultures, fiery cuisines, unique customs and breathtaking countryside – and on this adventure you’ll be sampling all of them. Whether you’re slurping up a steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho at a street stall in Vinh, shopping for the best of Laos’ handicrafts in Vientiane, ambling through caves in Luang Prabang or gliding down the Mekong in a riverboat, you’ll get a wonderful insight into Indochina during this incredible adventure.

Laos Discovery starts at around $1355 and includes 6 breakfasts, 7 nights at a guesthouse and 6 nights at hotels and the transportation is involved with a mix of private bus, tuk-tuk, boat, and songthaew.