With thousands of tours to Europe to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which section of Europe is a good choice for you when you only have less than two weeks to spare.?Vienna, Prague and Budapest are perhaps Europe?s most impressively intact imperial cities, and a great combination for short tours in Europe.? Bratislava, Slovakia?s small but enchanting capital in the Carpathian foothills, is a baroque treat too, with an eclectic wealth of hidden museums and old town charm.

Explore the splendor of these grand cities through their strong cultural heritage, old world traditions, exquisite buildings and incredible historical significance. Get a good dose of medieval magic in Prague, a fairytale town of cobbles and intricately decorated facades, bridges and castles seemingly built to bewitch and beguile. Beyond, the morbid oddity of Kutna Horna bone church, the famous Cathedral of Saint Barbara and the picture-perfect town of Cesky Krumlov similarly captivate. Further along the Wachau Valley, Austria?s regal capital Vienna basks in the glory of the Hofburg Palace and the wealth of wonderful Baroque buildings. Explore the countryside of Slovakia and Hungary and discover the delightful towns of Esztergom and Szentendre and the dreamy panorama from the ramparts of Visegrad Castle before arriving in Budapest. Explore both sides of the Danube, both Buda and Pest, amid golden downtown bustle, folk culture and epic, hilltop vistas. A classic journey showcasing the best of Eastern Europe.

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