– Turkey is the world’s largest producer of hardshell nuts, figs and apricots

– Turkey borders 7 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria).

– Turkey is one of the top 12 travel destinations in the world, with more than 17 million visitors every year.

– Turkey’s national drink is Raki.  Raki is a clear brandy made from grapes and raisins, and tastes like licorice.  It is very comparable to Ouzo.

– Turkey is famous for their rugs/carpets.  The oldest Turkish carpet discovered to date was made in the 5th Century BC, and contains 347 000 Turkish double knots per square metre.

– Camel wrestling is very popular in Turkey.  They use long-haired cross-bred camels called Tulis, known for their aggressive nature.  A trained camel can learn to trip his opponent, force him into submission, and push him to his knees with his head!

– The Doner Kebab is Turkey’s national dish.  Doner Kebab translates to ‘turning roast’.

– The Turks are said to have an average of 14.5 sexual partners in their lifetime, which means they have more sexual partners than any other nationality in the world! (Australia comes in at a close second).

– The Turkey bird was accidentally named after the country.  After the Spanish first found the bird more than 400 years ago and brought it back to Europe, the English mistakenly thought the Spanish brought it back from Turkey, and named it after the country.

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