Muay Thai for all

1. You don?t need to be young and in physical excellent shape to start training Muay Thai

Muay Thai is all about skills. And developing those skills need a lot of practice. Therefore make sure to ask if there are Beginner classes or designated, supervised areas for beginners. Moreover, discuss your targets with the trainer, create an exercise plan. How long will you be training? Two weeks? One month? Three? But don?t worry, your instructors and fellow students know that you?re new and nobody expects you to be in good shape. Most Muay Thai gyms offering also single classes; attend first one of those, see how the instructors, students and atmosphere is and decide afterwards. It is important that you feel comfortable for the upcoming weeks and months!

2. Show that you?re really interested in learning and practicing Muay Thai

Ask for the class timings and be punctual. How many times per day and week are training lessons? If you?re really serious about you Muay Thai, you need to train more than once a week. Be the last leaving the gym. Don?t be shy. Don?t just ask the trainers for help; get support by senior students. Ask if there are any fights in town, maybe your trainers / senior students are even participating. Perhaps you can even go with other students to those fights. Watch the techniques they?re using, ask those advanced students or trainers what mistakes the fighters are making. You literally have to breathe Muay Thai.

Before and After Photo
Before and After Photo

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3. Continuously improve yourself ? and seek for feedback

Be ready to suck at first and consider that normal. Sure, your trainer will give you feedback, but also be open-minded and take suggestions for improvements. Ask advanced students and get your feedback/suggestions from them, because after all, you are going to spend probably a significant amount of time with them. Try to spar some time during the training with senior students. Be a good teammate to anyone and hold the safety pads, try to build up relationships. Ask for a meal plan. What do other (advanced) students consume? Any special diets? The most important thing however is that you don?t stop asking questions at any point of time.