Last week we ran a poll asking people what was the first international city they visited?  There were definitely a number of different answers, but most of the answers were cities in Europe.  We had 97 people from all over the world participate in our poll.

When most people venture overseas for the first time no matter where they are from, Europe seems to be a popular choice.  Is it the attraction of being able to experience so many different cultures and countries in such a short space of time?  Is it the convenience of being an easy destination to get to?  Does it have something to do with the price?  In order to answer these questions we would need to expand out poll, but for now we would like to conclude that Europe is a popular destination for first-time overseas travelers, and at TravAddict we agree that it is a great choice.

Much of the world’s history is linked to Europe in some way or another, and experiencing it first hand can mean a lot to people from almost anywhere in the world.  Based on our poll results a lot of people first went to London or to Paris.  These are great cities to experience a new country for the first time.  They are very accommodating to tourists, and there are plenty of sights to see.  If you haven’t yet taken your first overseas trip and you are not sure where you should go, Europe is a great destination to consider.  You can do Europe one of two ways.  Take is slow and just see a few cities or countries to first get a feel for Europe, or you can see many countries all at once with an ease of getting from one country to the next.  When most people come home from their first trip to Europe, they already have plans for what they want to do when they go back…….because there is so much to see!