Your friends might have had enough of your travel stories, but Intrepid Travel wants to hear all of your too-crazy-to-be true travel tales and see your epic Facebook-worthy photos. Win a trip for 4 by showing what makes YOU Intrepid and sharing your blogs, videos, photos, paintings and songs.

Here’s how it works:

Upload a story, photo, blog post, painting, video or song on Intrepid Travel’s website, and show the world what you think being Intrepid is all about. If your entry gets enough votes, it will be sent to the panel of ultimate Intrepid judges, who will decide which entry is the most Intrepid of them all. Still waiting for that ultimate Intrepid moment? That?s OK, whether you vote or share Intrepid will give you 15% OFF your next adventure just for being part of the ‘I am Intrepid’ community!

Check out some of the latest entires for some inspiration: