Top of the JungfrauAs the Northern Hemisphere prepares for winter, it is a great time to plan a trip to a snowy destination.? The weather can completely change your travel experience, and there are some great trip ideas that highlight the cold weather, and embrace the spirit of the festive season.? Here are a few winter tours we recommend checking out:

12 Day Alpine Festive Trek with Busabout

Brace yourself for a magical festive escapade through the heart of Europe that will leave you stunned, enthralled and more than a little excited. This is a journey through some of the continent’s most iconic cities ? Paris, Munich and Prague, and best of all the heights of Europe in the Swiss Alps. All combined with the biggest party season of the year, it’s enough to give you goose bumps just thinking about it.

15 Day Winter Japan Tour with Intrepid Travel

Pack some winter gear and head out to explore the far north of Japan – a fascinating and rarely visited part of this diverse country. See the amazing Sapporo Snow Festival and enjoy some of Hokkaido?s energizing winter sports. Return south to visit Nikko – a truly beautiful winter wonderland, peppered with ancient temples, gardens and shrines. This trip mixes the energy and excitement of Tokyo with the serenity of Nikko’s temples and the white beauty of Sapporo in winter. The result is an adventure holiday rich in cultural icons, history, tradition and seasonal delights.

7 Day Winter Toubkal Accent with G Adventures

Climbing a mountain in the summertime is tough. Climbing one in the winter? That?s for adventurers only. While the climb up Mount Toubkal is the undisputed centre piece of this week-long escapade in Morocco?s Atlas Mountains, it?s not the only once-in-a-lifetime encounter you?ll have. Beginning in captivating Marrakech, you?ll trek deep into the hills (no prior experience required?promise!), happening upon snowbound Berber communities and some of the most majestic mountainscapes you?ll ever see along the way. Prepare to return home a completely different person than when you left.

14 Day Winter Wonder Tour with Topdeck Travel

There?s no better way to spend two weeks than experiencing all Europe has to offer in winter! To travel in Europe during winter is to discover the same wonders but in a different light. From the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum, the towering Swiss Alps to the canals of Amsterdam, the sights and sounds of Europe will stay with you long after this winter tour of Europe is over.